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1. www.jenzpinup.com

Starring the Web's #1 Pinup Girl and gorgeous blonde catfigher, JENZ, www.jenzpinup.com has been voted the #1 Catfight Site on the Web for the past three years in a row and features the best in both real and fantasy catfights featuring some of the world's most beautiful women and celebrities including Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Olympic Athletes, TV Starlets, sexy College Co-eds 1000's of HI REZ Photos and Video Clips of the world's most beautiful women in uninhibited ripping catfight action in sheer lingerie, pantyhose, bikinis, evening gowns, and business attire. Includes pantyhose and nylon ripping catfights between jealous secretaries, nurses, students, teaches, super heroines, vampires, and real super model catfights with 100% unscripted action. Also includes the largest, and best - all exclusive catfight and wrestling archive with 1,000's of original HI REZ photos, girl fighting video clips, stories, and art of any catfight site on the web. This is the revolutionary catfight site that started it all and it only gets better and better!
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2. www.catfighttheater.com

The newest of our catfight sites may in fact turn out to be the best yet for those who like to watch their catfights in the most real, most primitive way possible. www.catfighttheater.com is not just random video clips, but full real action catfights and nude sex fights from start to finish. These are exclusive new fights can not be seen anywhere else.

There are always two full catfight features playing on Catfight Theater, but each week a new catfight movie will begin while one fight is removed. But remember, anything goes on Catfight Theater. We do not censor the action in any way. Not all the girls agree with this philosophy. For example, JENZ thinks the sex fights and total nudity are disgusting and degrading, but FELICIA'S youngest sister, JAMIE, who enjoys both real competitive catfighting and sex fighting, says that JENZ is just a bitch prude who is out of touch. We'll let you decide: CATFIGHT THEATER is the real deal. Hard core catfights and sex fights is what you're going to get each week. Not to be missed.
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3. www.clubfelicia.com

Super hot brunette, FELICIA was a Beverly Hills lingerie and fitness model that absolutely hated JENZ from the moment she met the blonde pinup and for JENZ the feeling was mutual. During their first shoots together, JENZ beat FELICIA in some nasty, scratching, bruising catfights, but then the unthinkable happened. FELICIA literally ripped the title of "Catfight Queen" away from JENZ in a hair pulling challenge match. JENZ returned the favor a couple of months later, snatching back her title in a real catfight with FELICIA during an outdoor video shoot at a high school with both girls dressed as cheerleaders.

However, before JENZ returned and won her title back, FELICIA did two things: she wreaked havoc on www.jenzpinup.com turning the place into a 24/7 catfighting and partying orgy mocking all that JENZ had built. She also launched her own impressive catfight site, www.clubfelicia.com, which was far more risqué than either of the JENZ sites with plenty of carnal female nudity and boob to boob, nipple to nipple animalistic catfights that often ended in boob smothering and face sitting submissions.

Not to mention that www.clubfelicia.com included plenty of pantyhose shredding, locked leg jealous catfights in the office along with some brutal apartment house catfights and oil catfights. All of FELICIA's catfights were sexy, brutal, and cutting edge. Dirty fighting was expected as well as the stripping of the loser including taking home her pantyhose as a trophy.

FELICIA featured some of the biggest names in the modeling world to go boob to boob and nipple to nipple including Penthouse Pets and Adult Superstars: Aria Giovanni, Jana Cova, Jesse Capelli (also a Perfect 10 Boxer), Apartment House Wrestling Champ, Yvette Roberts to name but a few. Once again there are 1,000's of HI REZ photos and catfight video clips and plenty of nudity. On www.clubfelicia.com you will see both real and fantasy catfights, but the real ones are quite intense, raw, and brutal. Such was the catfight between FELICIA and her younger sister and it is truly a catfight classic that can be seen exclusively at www.clubfelicia.com. If you like your catfights down and dirty, and very naughty then www.clubfelicia.com is where you want to hang.
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4. www.jenzdollhouse.com

Last summer, JENZ took a leave of absence from www.jenzpinup after a bitter and violent dispute with hated catfight rival, FELICIA, but after reclaiming her title of CATFIGHT QUEEN by defeating FELICIA in a real outdoor catfight, she marked her triumphant return by opening her new, highly personal catfight and pinup site, www.jenzdollhouse.com. Although still featuring the world's most beautiful women in uninhibited hair pulling, clawing clothes ripping catfight, JENZ has made the dollhouse a true fantasy come to life: bright, pretty with amazing graphics and photos that transform catfighting and pinup modeling to a whole new level. You'll get to see 1000's of original HI REZ PICS and video clips of the hottest catfighting girls you've even seen battling it out in lingerie, dresses, jeans, bikinis, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, and outrageous sexy fantasy outfits. Also, for a change of pace, JENZ features a "Doll of the Week" in sexy, revealing photo shoots that make it hard to believe that these beautiful women will actually square off and fight each other to a brutal finish, but then they do! www.jenzdollhouse.com also features JENZ's own original catfight art and fight stories including celebrity fantasy battles. And don't forget to stop by her Attic where she gives you her uncensored bitchy dirt of what she thinks of her catfighting opponents. Plus, her new site includes a screening room to watch her catfight video clips. If you're a leg or foot man, you're also going to love JENZ's personal shoe closet where you can come watch JENZ display and model her sexy feet and shapely legs with sheer nylons and pantyhose and also barefoot as she tries on her favorite open toed high heels, pumps, boots, and other sexy footwear. If you're a catfight fan or a fan of beautiful women www.jenzdollhouse.com is the place to be!
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5. www.officecatfights.com

www.officecatfights.com is the corporate headquarters of the world’s sexiest office workers and secretaries sharpen their claws instead of pencils and battle it out in leggy nylon to nylon catfights for the title of “Office Queen.” Their coffee breaks are mean and brutal with real unscripted video action and hot photo sets of corporate cuties in hot office outfits, pantyhose, sheer nylons, and high heels. There’s plenty of ripping and tearing clothes and pantyhose shredding, not to mention some nasty hairpulling, scratching, biting, kicking, and tangled legs in trash talking, jealous office confrontations and sometimes they even strip one another and lock up in nude, hot and sweaty, woman to woman sex fights to a sizzling climax with the office door closed and locked. Here’s the Best Original Exclusive Photo sets and Hot Video Action of Aggressive Beautiful Office Hotties in toe to toe, breast to breast catfight action.
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6. www.pantyhosetheater.com

The Web’s #1 Premium PANTYHOSE Site with the Hottest EXCLUSIVE Videos and PICS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE featuring the world’s most beautiful women in sizzling sheer pantyhose action including supermodels, college co-eds, secretaries, top lingerie models, centerfolds, fitness stars, and the PANTYHOSE PARADE goes on and on!

The sexiest women on the planet dressed in sheer pantyhose in the hottest nylon action you’ve ever seen! Original, Pantyhose Content, not available anywhere else you have a front row seat to watch the world’s best legs, butts, and feet, all covered in seductive sheer pantyhose.

Watch Pantyhose covered beautiful pedicure feet, polished toenails, toe jewelry, even tasteful tattoos all covered in sheer pantyhose. But that’s just the beginning. Pantyhosetheater.com is a PANTYHOSE DREAM come to life!

Raw, uncensored Girl/Girl Pantyhose Action to a Sizzling Climax. Get ready for Intimate Pantyhose Girl/Girl Seduction that go all the way!

Rip Roaring Pantyhose Catfights - The world’s most beautiful legs and sexy feet in sheer pantyhose go nylon-to-nylon and toe-to toe. World class hotties wearing pantyhose compare their sexy legs, feet, and nylon covered butts. The pantyhose competition is aggressive and explosive as Sexy Office Girls, Supermodels, Cheerleaders, Nurses, and Centerfolds tear into each other in tangled leg pantyhose catfights!

Fantasy Pantyhose – Exclusive! Watch as we bring to life the the hottest female fairy tale and comic book characters, vampires, super heroines, movie and TV stars in sheer fantasy pantyhose encounters of the nylon kind!

On pantyhosetheater.com you’ll get one complete new Pantyhose Movie every week and we listen to our member’s requests so you’re sure to get exactly what you want!
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7. www.sexy-catfights.com

If you're ready to see the hottest videos and catfighting photo sets, then you've come to the right place. A place where the girls can indulge their fetish fantasies. CATFIGHTS! PANTYHOSE! SMOKING! FEET! Everything they desire and anything you can suggest! That's what you'll find inside sexy-catfights!


Hair pulling, Tit Clawing, Savage Catfights and Competitive Mat Wrestling Between the World's Most Beautiful and Competitive Supermodels...

The girls in every type of sheer pantyhose, thigh highs, sexy garter belts and stockings in a nylon leg show Smorgasbord where you're never filled and you always want more, more, more!

The latest, sexiest, sheerest lingerie just for you and then they take it off...

The girls let you peek at their sexiest most intimate panties...

Stocking Feet, Bare Feet, Polished Toes, Foot Worship, Girl/Girl Sole to Sole, Toe to Toe Foot Action...

Caution: Especially if the Surgeon General Is Busy Looking at This Smoking Hot Site...

Oil, Lotion, Water, Whipped Cream, Jello, Mud, and Anything Else We Can Think Of That We Weren't Allowed to Do When We Were Kids...

Boobs From Around The World
The best boob shots of the girls anywhere and everywhere...

Secretary, nurse, prisoner...

Vampire, Alien, & Comic Book Characters
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7. www.sheerfeet.com

Raw, uncensored Girl/Girl FOOT TO FOOT Action to a Sizzling Climax.  Get ready for Intimate Girl/Girl FOOT Seduction that go all the way!

Rip Roaring TOE TO TOE Catfights - The world’s most beautiful legs and sexy feet in sheer pantyhose go nylon-to-nylon and  toe-to toe.  World class hotties wearing pantyhose compare their sexy legs, feet, and nylon covered butts.  The pantyhose competition is aggressive and explosive as Sexy Office Girls, Supermodels, Cheerleaders, Nurses, and Centerfolds tear into each other in tangled leg pantyhose catfights!

Fantasy FEET
– Exclusive! Watch as we bring to life the hottest female fairy tale and comic book characters, vampires, super heroines, movie and TV stars showing off their sexy FEET up close and personal. 


• Sheer Pantyhose & Nylon FEET
• Reinforced Toes
• Bare FEET
• Fishnet FEET
• Shiny Nylon FEET
• Colored/Patterned Pantyhose
• Putting On/Taking Off Pantyhose Over Toes & Feet
• Ripped/Torn/Run Pantyhose FEET
• Foot Comparisons – Girl/Girl
• Foot Massage
• High Heels On & Off
• Sandals
• Pumps
• Stilettos
• Boots
• Dangling
• Uniforms
• Body Stockings
• Affordable Custom FOOT Photos and DVDs/Videos for Members
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